Treatment of ewes and lambs

Treatment of footrot


  • Separate sheep with footrot and scald whenever practical to reduce spread in the flock.


  • Inject with one long-acting dose of antibiotic (ensure correct dose, underdosing delays recovery).
  • Do not trim the hoof horn, this delays healing.


  • Mark affected leg of treated sheep.


  • Date
  • Ear tag
  • Cause of lameness


  • When cured, return sheep to main flock. Sheep should be sound within 2 – 10 days of treatment.
  • If still lame after 14 days, check diagnosis is correct and re-treat.


  • Cull sheep lame with footrot more than twice a year or not responding to treatment.

Treatment of scald

Individual ewes

  • Treat as for footrot.

Individual lambs

  • Spray lesion with antibiotic aerosol.
  • Mark affected leg of treated lamb.
  • Re-treat if still lame after 5 days.

Outbreaks of scald in lambs

  • Footbath whole flock using excellent equipment and clean bathing agent at correct concentration.
  • Stand on a hard surface until dry.
  • Turn out onto a clean field.