Publications and contributors

Many people have contributed to our work on lameness in sheep. They are listed as authors in the publications below.

Scientific papers

Witt, Jessica D. and Green, Laura E. (2018) Development and assessment of management practices in a flock-specific lameness control plan : a stepped-wedge trial on 44 English sheep flocks. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 157 . pp. 125-133. doi:10.1016/j.prevetmed.2018.06.013

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Other Papers and Presentations

Study of ovine lameness
R. Grogono-Thomas, A. Johnston
MAFF Final Report, MAFF open contract 0C5945K. London: DEFRA, Publication. 1997

Foot-rot: ‘Catch ’em quick & cull repeat offenders’
Interview during SHEEP 2002 by Marianne Curtis in Farmers Weekly, 9 August 2002.

Foot Rot and Interdigital Dermatitis in Sheep: A questionnaire into farmers’ practices and attitudes
Geert Wassink, Rose Grogono-Thomas, Lynda Moore and Laura Green
Paper presented at the Sheep Veterinary Society meeting in Malvern, May 2002.

Management of footrot
Geert Wassink, Laura Green, Rose Grogono-Thomas and Lynda Moore
Report on a DEFRA funded research project.
Sheep Farmer, page 22, May/June 2003 issue.